Does the Red Tea Detox Diet Work?

I see a lot of recommendations for Red Tea Detox Diet. I’ve been drinking red tea for many years now and I think it has many benefits.

What Is It

Red Tea Detox is a diet guide and system which is based on using red tea to boost your weight loss efforts. Red tea recipess are mainly rooibos-based with hibiscus and other red teas added.

There are several benefits to red tea. They are high in antioxidants, which can lower inflammation. Some studies have indicated they can help with blood sugar, which would aid in losing weight. Red teas also can help curb cravings, a benefit I have experienced myself.

Has Red Tea Worked for Me?

I have been doing a lower carb diet since July and lost 40 pounds so far! Red teas have been a regular part of my daily routine.

One reason red teas help me is that they keep me from snacking between meals. Other types of tea and coffee don’t seem to be as effective for that. I suspect one reason is the sweet taste like fruit.

Another way red tea might be aiding my weight loss is the addition of antioxidants and other nutrients that improve my health and help my body work a little more efficiently.

I have also noticed that I have not gotten the terrible fall cold that I normally do around this time of year.

I will admit, I’m not much of a coffee drinker, so the switch to tea over things like soda was not hard for me. But even if you have one cup of red tea daily, you may be able to improve your health. This may more difficult for those of you who really enjoy coffee.

You can find red teas like rooibus and hibiscus in grocery stores for minimal cost. The Red Tea Detox system has a customized tea that combines the benefits of several teas.

It would be wise to test new teas and other food slowly in case you may have an allergy. If unusual symptoms do arise, please contact your doctor.

How Can You Try It?

The Red Tea Detox program offers several free ebooks about their program.

Download the free pdf ebook:

Red Tea Detox eBook Cover





I also have a red tea recipe in my blog post Maple Apple Cider Red Tea. It’s a sugar-free tea with some additional health benefits that tastes like apple cider for those cozy autumn evenings.

Have You Tried Red Teas for Weight Loss?

The Red Tea Detox system might give your diet a boost or at least keep you from snacking.

Have you experienced success using red teas for weight loss? Share it with us in the comments!

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