Global Martial Arts University Review

Enjoy martial arts, but find attending a studio too expensive or time-consuming?

At the time of this post, the Global Martial Arts University offers courses in Shotokan Karate, Krav Maga, and Ultimate Bo Staff. Most white level courses are free, with subscriptions for advanced classes, testing, and ranks.


The basic content for their programs is available for free. You can get a taste of each course and see if you enjoy it before continuing.

The subscriptions to higher level classes, certificates, and belts is a lot less than most martial arts studios.

The instructors seem to be skilled and have enough training to be leading the course. I found Ultimate Bo instructor Michael Hodge to be engaging and specific in his instruction. He also gave good suggestions on how to continue practice on my own.

Website has seen significant recent improvements, and have been made accessible to more devices.


The biggest con for me is being able to watch the videos through the website and get the credit for watching them. My office is tiny and there’s no room to practice in there while watching on my desktop. I have a Chromebook, and it’s sometimes hard to adequately see the movements on the small screen. I didn’t get screen mirroring to work on my Roku, but apparently, it does work on some of them.

Upper level classes require a subscription. I do think it still might be worth it if you can watch on a decent screen.

Free classes have been reduced in favor of paid subscriptions. They had a bunch of free classes, and now only have a few. Most were hosted on Youtube, so maybe you can still find free lessons.

Programs are not as broad as a traditional martial arts program. This is not surprising to me, but they seem to be constantly adding to and changing their content, so that may improve.

Final Thoughts on Global Martial Arts University

I think Global Martial Arts University is worth trying out if you have an interest in martial arts. I hope they add back more classes in the future, and that might convince me to purchase a subscription.

I received no compensation or bonus for this honest review.

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